Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Glad to be home !

Its been a very long time since I have posted , but my time was taken up mostly with my M-I-L.
I stayed with her for 6 months , and it was a long process to get her to this point .When I first arrived she had just gotten out of hospital,was very weak..Hospice was coming in once a week , after I was there for a few weeks the nurses informed me that she would not last the 6 months.
My M-I-L and I worked really hard  so she could stay in her home and do a few things herself. She will be 92 this fall..I hope if I live to be that age that I will be as sharp as she is.She is a very strong will powered woman !!
While I was away I did manage to get a couple of things tatted .Will post pictures soon.Also since I was away from home on all the holidays my dear sweet hubby told me to order or pick up any tatting threads etc;  I wanted..He should never of said that !!!! I have every thread color in Lizbeth thread !!!! Am one happy camper !!!!

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  1. No perhaps he should not have said it, but look what you have an aray of colours and he's just a bit lighter in the pocket, after all you were looking after his mother, I am sure she appreciated your kindness and care,
    Well done